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bo burnham + zach stone bloopers

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have you accepted bo burnham as your lord and saviour

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AU in which Zach Stone does become famous and turns into a dickhead country singer

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optimiztic said: you reblogged a 6 panel gifset of bo talking about loving his fans and about people with that mindset, it has yellow text. i was wondering what video that was from?

It was from this interview he did.

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i made some things

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"I just look at a lot of people, people my age that have done very well and stuff and I see how they’re dealing with it and doing ‘well with it’. Quote, Unquote. I don’t think I want to be that person. I don’t think I want to have that mindset ‘cause that’ll just make me blind to things, you know? Like people managing their fans. 'I love my fans. I love my fans. Like, my fans are the best fans in the world guys.' Are they? 'Cause they buy your shit and fund your houses you douche. Of course you love your fans…..”

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